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C.I.O.S. Group - Your Partner in Protecting the Environment

C.I.O.S. d.o.o. (Ltd) is the leading regional company for disposal and primary processing of industrial waste and domestic as well as foreign trade. It was established in 1991. During the last twenty years it has developed into the leading regional group for collecting and recycling ferrous and steel scrap, as well as other waste materials with predominant metal component. Member of C.I.O.S. Group are active in Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. At more than 80 sites in the region, it processes more than 1,1 million tons of waste, and employes two thousand workers, out of that more than one thousand in Croatia.

Major C.I.O.S. Group owner is German Scholz Group, which has got annual income of more than 3 billion euro, doing business at more than 500 locations in more than 20 countries. With more than 100 members worldwide, Scholz Group is globally the second largest corporation in the field of recycling and processing of secondary raw material, which processes almost 8 million tons of meral scrap annually. Scholz Holding Ltd is the governing company of the Scholz Group, founded in 1872. In 2014. Japanese Toyota Tsusho Corporation (TTC) has entered ownership of Scholz with share of 39.9%. Business share of Scholz Group in C.I.O.S. d.o.o. is 51.43%, and C.I.O.M. d.o.o. from Zagreb holds 48.57%. The seat of C.I.O.S. is in Zagreb at Josipa Lončara 15.

C.I.O.S. Ltd is the governing company of C.I.O.S. Group members. Owners of the C.I.O.S. Group has invested significant means in building of an unique network of recycling centres, in development and employment of quality staff, and in the installation of the most advanced equipment for metal scrap processing and waste management, aimed at raising efficiency of metal scrap processing and yielding higher quantity of secondary raw material.

Scholz Group

The quality of operation, capital strength and competitiveness of C.I.O.S. Group is strongly contributed by the ownership of German Scholz Group, which is the top three global companies for recycling steel and other metal scrap. Scholz Group has got numerous companies worldwide, employs approximately more than 6 thousand workers. Scholz Group is managed by owners from the Scholz family for five consecutive generations, since the foundation of the company in 1872, when the first Scholz company was founded.


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