METIS d.d. Kukuljanovo

METIS d.d. Kukuljanovo

  • Tradition exceeding 70 years
  • Unique concept of business consulting – eco consulting
  • Almost 1900 clients - partners
  • Hazardous waste disposal

Basic info


METIS d.d. Kukuljanovo
Seat and address: City of Bakar, Kukuljanovo 414
Principal activity: Collection, recycling and trade in residues and waste
Year of incorporation: 1948
Company ID: 19158233033
Share capital: HRK 13,425,400.00
Employees: 229
Management Board: Tajana Tomašević, Chairman
Miljenko Cukon, Member
Supervisory Board: Iva Pripuz Špekuljuk, Chairman
Marija Vučić, Member
Tonka Pripuz, Member
Damir Marković, Member
Sanja Babić, Member
Contact:: Tel: 051/339-910
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



METIS is a joint-stock company for collection, recycling and trade in residues and waste, operating successfully since 1948.

With the warehouses and branches in Rijeka, Kukuljanovo, Pula, Ogulin and Otočac, a major part of its operations is performed under the concession issued by the Fund for Environment Protection and Energy Efficiency. The company is a licensed collector for waste electric and electronic equipment for the counties of Primorje-Gorski Kotar, Istra and Lika-Senj. In all the 4 counties where it is active, the company collects waste packaging of primary, secondary and tertiary type. Throughout Croatia, the company collects waste tyres, end-of-life vehicles, waste batteries and storage batteries and lubricating oils.

In the METIS facilities, the collected waste is classified and treated to separate usable from unusable components. After the treatment, raw materials are ready to be returned to the market for production of new products.

For the population, METIS provides the services of purchasing usable waste, free transport of used cooking oil as well as transport of electric and electronic waste and car wrecks. For businesses, METIS disposes of waste, provides technological cleaning services, destroys and disposes of goods for write-off and of archives, provides services of washing contaminated packaging, eco consulting, professional environment protection services and risk assessments and sells work clothes and footwear.

Within the METIS d.d. company, the C.I.O.S. Group established the Environment Protection and Risk Assessment Department providing the services of drawing up expert documents and providing business consulting for the C.I.O.S. Group and its clients. Verifying its expertise in environment protection and civil protection area, the Ministry of Environment Protection and Energetics has authorized METIS for expert services in environment protection. At the same time, the Civil Protection Directorate of the Ministry of the Interior authorized METIS for expert services within the civil protection area.

METIS d.d. is registered with the Commercial Court of Rijeka among other activities for installation for industrial machines and equipment and for inspections and testing of electrical installations and equipment with regard to explosion safety and is licensed by the Ministry of the Interior (Ex-Agency) for installation, measurement and testing of power equipment and electric instruments as well as installations in areas at risk of explosive atmosphere.


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