CIAL d.o.o. Sisak

CIAL d.o.o. Sisak

  • The only aluminium smelter in Croatia
  • 6,000 tons annual capacity
  • Authorized for Metal Packaging Recovery (AL)
  • Among the leading smelting technologies in smelting and casting of non-ferrous metals

Basic info


CIAL d.o.o.
Seat and address: Sisak (City of Sisak), Božidara Adžije 19
Principal activity: Aluminium production
Year of incorporation: 2011
Company ID: 75507383758
Share capital: HRK 20,000.00
Employees: 17
Management Board: Boro Mioč, Director
Petar Pripuz, Procurator
Ante Pripuz, Procurator
Contact:: e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



CIAL aluminium smelter and foundry has the annual capacity of 6,000 tons of alloys, which is sufficient to process all Al packaging collected under the concession and some of the secondary aluminium collected on the territory of Croatia.

After the smelting process, through a metallurgical process on the CIAL production line secondary aluminium alloys of standard chemical composition are produced and cast into ingots, which are then supplied to customers. Secondary aluminium alloys in form of ingots are sold to manufacturers of radiators, lighting fixtures and parts for automobile industry in Croatia and the EU.

The technology used in the smelter is among the leading technologies for smelting and casting of non-ferrous metals. According to the reference document (BREF-IPPC Directive) it belongs to the best available technology (BAT) for aluminium smelting and casting of ingots of secondary aluminium alloys with standard chemical composition in accordance with the EU standards, which guarantees maximum usability of raw materials and energy, with generation of minimum waste quantities and emissions into the environment.

CIAL smelter and foundry collects secondary aluminium mostly from end-of-life vehicles (cars and trucks), construction waste (bearing structure sections, radiators, metal sheets and window sections) but also from household waste (refrigerators, electronic and electric waste, cables and wires) as well as from aluminium packaging such as cans and aluminium bottle plugs.

Any product made of aluminium may be recycled and reused for unlimited number of times, without any difference in properties or quality of primary or recycled aluminium; as much as 75% of total quantity of produced aluminium in the world is still in use.

Considering that 33% of the global aluminium production is recycled aluminium, CIAL gives priority to aluminium recycling over its primary production. The recycling requires 95% less energy than primary aluminium production, preserving natural resources and avoiding waste disposal. Recycling a ton of aluminium preserves approximately 8 tons of bauxite, 4 tons of chemical products and 14MWh of electrical energy.

The recycling cycle of an aluminium can takes 60 days, i.e. the same aluminium can is found on the store shelves every 60 days.



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